Scott Wilson for $#%s sake just wants more questions answered (draft)

Scott Wilson was on First Coast Connect today and I would encourage you to take a listen.

Here is a run down.

If only the school board and super would answer a few more questions.

Scott Wilson said that 2019 was not doable because people don’t like mail in ballots and it would cost to much. This despite the fact it would save five million dollars and the district would pay for it.

He also hasn’t said the board hasn’t had enough community meetings, 30 plus hasn’t been enough. He didn’t mention any community meetings, about Lot J, the Landing, the murder rate, etc. etc. etc.

Then he said he had faith in Jason Gabriel the city attorney who changed the meaning of the word shall.

He thinks everyone has agreed that the city council has the right to put it on the ballot. Um by every one he must mean the mayor and the civic council, the only people that matter.

He hasn’t had enough of his questions answered and before he can vote yes he needs to answer them again, and again and again.

If only the school board could give them every detail of the 1.2 billion dollar plan that spans 15 years, 150 plus schools, and 113 thousand students. Then some of his fellow council members might support it.

As for race being a factor, you know maybe, maybe not, it could just be a coincidence he is fighting against the referendum which would help our minority majority neighborhoods, but he just hasn’t had enough questions answered. 

The murder rate is something they need to address but he just doesn’t know what to do, but if the school board could answer some more questions that would be good.

He said he believes in ethical government, um what?!?  Then he better move.

They were handed the school board issue, it wasn’t something they asked for. Then he mentioned needing more questions answered.

More questions.

He just cares so much, he said he couldn’t allow the referendum to go on this year.

Some of his biggest whoppers were, he hasn’t dragged his feet. He hasn’t usurped the authority of the board, he isn’t ignoring the will of the people.

Wilson didn’t even commit to putting the referendum on the ballot in 2020 unless his questions are answered. Um if his questions haven’t been answered by now they never will be. At this point I am not sure if he understands how questions work.

This guy is president of the city council. The interview was embarrassing. 

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  1. It sounds like he has all the answers. He just doesn't like the answers. That's a whole different animal. It's like my dad said about being drafted to go to Vietnam, "You don't have to like it but you gotta show up." Wilson is an empty suit.

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