Scott Shine thinks his sh*t doesn’t stink

Sorry for the bombastic title but sometimes you have to call them like you see them.

Mr. Shine has another target and that is Claire Goforth, the editor of the Folio. Like many people, including the people on the Friday News roundup on First Coast Connect, she questioned Scott Shine’s decision to vote against arming teachers in Duval.

Now Shine has said he is against arming teachers he just didn’t want to vote against what the state legislature was doing and what other districts might do. I guess Mr. Shine didn’t read the resolution before he voted because it only had to do with Duval.

It’s my bet it was his friends at the National Rifle Association that he really didn’t want to disappoint. 
Well when Claire dared question him he lambasted her in a letter to the Folio saying among other things:

-Her comment (in a piece about gun violence in schools) is an absolute disgrace

-Claire Goforth’s statement is clearly the most insulting and inappropriate that he has ever seen in a local publication.

-It is an insult to him and the victims of gun violence.

-The folio and Jacksonville deserve better.

Becoming unhinged he doesn’t try and explain his side and open up a dialogue, instead he goes on the offensive and attacks and I find his pretty ironic because of all the times he has attacked others including me.

A year and a half ago, he called me a parasite, and said I was maladaptive and shouldn’t be a teacher because I dared seek to hold him accountable for the things he has said and done and this was on the heels of him calling me a liar in Florida Politics and leaving nasty comments on the blog.

Shine thinks he can say and do whatever he wants and people are just supposed to bend over and take it. None are allowed to dare question the great and powerful Shine. Only he is allowed to have opinions and woe to you if you disagree with his.

These are the facts. Scott Shine was given the opportunity to vote against arming teachers and he chose not to. This is my opinion, though I believe it is backed up by his words, when somebody questioned him, he lashed out like a spoiled child.

In his letter to Folio, he said Jacksonville deserves better, well he is right, we deserve much better than him. It is time for somebody in district 2 to step up.

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