Scott Shine takes a break from stumping for the super to threaten me. *Edited and Updated*

*Edited and Updated* 

Two school board members in less than a week. A lot of people might think I am doing something right.

A little while ago I received the following not from Mr. Shine, that was also forwarded to the county’s personal director and a city attorney.  

Mr. Guerrieri,

You have made false comment in your blog alleging (in your written word and with my specific name) that I have made comments on your article to which I did not make.  I believe you are, again, in violation of the professional standards of the DCSB and I am demanding that you remove all reference to me and articles referencing me on your blog at once.  Failure to do so will result in an official complaint of violation of professional standards.

Scott Shine
Duval County School Board – Dist 2.

Yesterday I wrote:

 Shine was indeed a busy boy last night and I believe this includes the following comment left on my blog. It was sent anonymously but it echos things he has said to me in the past.

 You deserve to lose your job, be sued for what little money you have and should NEVER be able to teach again. I’ll gladly write a substantial check to the attorneys who end up pursuing you in court. This is not journalism, this is bitterness for losing your School Board bid several years ago and an ego-boost. Give up. You don’t care about JAX kids, none of these posts actually assist teachers and parents in providing resources to help improve the system. It just gives you the attention you crave so much. SCUM.

Whether he sent above or not I believe Scott Shine is a little and petty man and a terrible school board member and shame on you district one for electing him when you had other qualified candidates. He is also a man than is about to be very, very alone and that scares him.

Full disclosure, I edited and added to the original post “It was sent anonymously” in the first paragraph and “whether he sent above or not” in the third in an abundance of caution. I thought it was pretty clear I wasn’t saying he sent it but just sounded like him but hey if a school board member can’t figure it out I guess there may be others.

Just to remind you what Scott Shine has said to me in the past.

Just an fYI on the social media policy, this was proposed as a policy addition from Dr. Vitti and was taken up by your liberal friends on the board in the policy review subcommittee (against my wishes)a month ago. They were unanimous in moving it to next years employee professional standards. So, you only have a few months to add to your resume of false and reckless statements. Sadly, I did not even get a chance to vote on it. So, give your thanks to Hall, Wright and Couch for the “anti-Guerrieri” code of conduct addition next fall. While I am highly disappointed I did not get in on the action, and still want to bring it forward as a policy addition as originally submitted by the superintendent, so it can take affect in before the end of this school year.

Then check out the comments on these blogs

Then in Florida Politics he called me a liar.

I believe the voice is the same and lets face it, who else reads my blog that can afford to write a substantial check?. 

I replied to Mr. Shine saying.

Hmmm, did I now? People can post anonymously  but the blog records their computer’s IP address, that’s how I knew it was you the last time you posted, do you want me to remind you of what you said? If I need to I guess I can have one of my computer friends check out the IP address of the poster you say wasn’t you. 

Three things, I didn’t say you wrote the comment, I said it sounded like you because of other things you have said, I guess I too will file some grievances based on you calling me a liar in Florida politics and for the other comments you left on the blog  (or we can just be adults and agree to disagree) and seriously don’t you have bigger concerns right now? Not to be snide but don’t you? It sounds like Friday is going to be a big day for you.

Here is the thing if you don’t like what is written on the blog, and just so you know there have literally been dozens of contributors and a half dozen people have licences to post on the blog, about what you say, the associations you have, or your performance on the school board change those things. There are far more interesting subjects than you. But as long as the Constitution allows freedom of speech and I and others are allowed to have opinions then I may or others may occasionally write about you.

I am a reasonable sort though, so I will tell you what, send me a polite non threatening note saying you didn’t write the comment and i will put it up unedited and if you wanted to mention that where you may often disagree with me, calling me scum is over the top that would be cool too. Furthermore if you ever think the blog gets something wrong or is unfair, reach out and I will forward your notes to the appropriate author. It’s a commentary and opinion blog but I insist it tries to get things right.  

 Let me know how you want me to proceed.

Two more things:

There is a difference between writing a lie and writing something somebody doesn’t like.

And I will say it again, If Mr Shine doesn’t like what is written on the blog, about what he says, the associations he has, or his performance on the school board he should grow a thicker skin or change those things.

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  1. Scott sat on an Ethics Board? SMH… I wish he'd quit throwing "liberal" around, since the SB is non-partisan. He's such a white, male republican. YUCK!!!

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