Scott Shine rebuked by (members of) the school board again!

I had hoped I could make it a week without writing about this guy but he is the gift that keeps on giving.

I will just get to it, this is from a meeting parring down the 26 applicants for superintendent to six.

From the Times Union:

The meeting got off to a contentious start after some on the board scolded co-member Scott Shine for making comments to the media about his preference that they wait until after elections this fall to choose a new superintendent. Shine is running for re-election and board chairwoman Paula Wright and Rebecca Couch are term-limited.
Couch and vice-chairwoman Lori Hershey told Shine he should have adhered to the board’s prior agreement to allow Wright to speak for the board about the superintendent search to present a united front. Hershey noted that Scott’s statements about a teacher blogger has already cost the district money from a recent out-of-court settlement.
Shine left the meeting a few minutes before it ended as Couch was speaking about the need to respect voters in her district who are asking for a quick hire of a superintendent.
Shine said these were personal attacks that were out of order.

Oy vey this guy. Um Scott, pointing out what you have done is not a personal attack and I get you think that it is, but you are wrong, so I am going to help you out.

A personal attack would be like somebody saying, you are a terrible human being who has no business representing people and the city will be better off when you slink back to your cave.
(Disclaimer, I am not saying above about Mr. Scott, I am just giving him an example of what a personal attack would be)

Now that would be a personal attack, saying you needlessly cost the district money, it would be nice if you tried to represent constituents rather than your friends and donors, and you should adhere to board rules, are not attacks, they are just things you should be doing. 

Scott Shine is that guy who feels he can say and do whatever he wants and when people push back he gets outraged and blames them for the problem. Don’t you know somebody like that? Somebody who is always in trouble or has a beef but it is never their fault? Shine is that guy and don’t take my word for it, listen to what his fellow board members have said.

District 2, you have to do better, won’t somebody step up?

2 Replies to “Scott Shine rebuked by (members of) the school board again!”

  1. From WJCT education* reporter Lindsey Kilbride:

    Shine tried to add three people to the mix who hadn’t applied for the job: Mason Davis and Kelly Coker-Daniel, who work as Duval’s academic officer and accountability superintendent, respectively; as well as Addison Davis, Clay County Schools Superintendent.

    Other board members did not accept those candidates as possibilities.

    Shine is taking his ball and going home. He is not running for re-election. Good riddance. He will not be missed.

    Disclaimer: WJCT education coverage is financed in part by the Chartrand foundation.

  2. Sam Hall was an excellent District 2 candidate in 2014, who was supported by the Times-Union while the DTU supported Scott Shine. Maybe Mr. Hall can be convinced to try again. Hopefully, Shine is not going the Jason Fischer route and planning to run for the FL legislature.

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