Scott Shine loves the first amendment for him, not so much for other people and why does he treat Ashley Smith Juarez so poorly?

Could it be because she is a woman? I am going to lay some things out for you and let you decide but more on this in a moment.

This is from earlier in the year.

 Scott Shine complained about dysfunction on the school board last week. Then when the school board chair reminded the members of the board’s policy not to publicly criticize other board members he complained to the media about her.

He didn’t say, can we talk about this, I think the policy is wrong, let me plead my case, can we meet about this or anything reasonable people might do when they have a disagreement with a co-worker. 

Nope he called Action News and said lookie here.

This is the same guy who complained about dysfunction on the board. I wonder how his call to Action News where he publicly states Ashley Smith-Juarez is trying to censor his first amendment rights is going to go over. Here is the thing, I don’t disagree with him but isn’t there a better way to do things? 

Also was she really trying to censor his or just reminding him about the boards policy. I also find it crazy that he quite often threatens my first amendment rights. Can you explain that one Scott? Is the First Amendment just for board members but not lowly teachers?

This may be the first example of what I believe is shoody treatment of Ashley Smith Juarez but it isn’t the only one.

Scott Shine took to blogging about his colleague Sunday night (oh Scott you do me proud) and then sending emails to everyone in his Rolodex which used I believe a lot of loaded words and phrases.

First Shine used the word coerce which is really loaded. Isn’t it possible they just had a difficult conversation?

He said,  Smith Juarez wants to fire Vitti because of “personal issues… unrelated to his actual work performance. You know because women can’t be business minded its all about the personal to them.

He also accused her of taking unilateral actions in violation of board policy by urging Vitti to resign or be fired. You know because women have to be sneaky, they can’t be above board.

Would he treat a man in this fashion, calling her out in the press, using loaded words and phrases? Fischer was his closest ally on the board and his fawning over the superintendent is well documented so it doesn’t seem like he has any problems with his male colleagues.  

Is Scott Shine sexist towards women? How would I know we don’t really hang out, he reads my blog and I read his but I would say her treatment of Ashley Smith Juarez and even several of the other women on the board has occasionally been shoddy at best. 

Other women? Well Couch also complained about him and Fischer being dismissive a few months back and he called for the firing of a female employee for just receiving a text. Vitti has has had at least one twitter war with a parent during a board meeting but that’s okay? 

I have often not seen eye to eye with Ashley Smith Juarez and in that regard I feel like she is like Fel Lee, a former board member who I also did not often agree with but one who I felt was both earnest and informed but regardless if I always agree with her or not, I do believe she deserves better treatment than what Shine gives her. 

I have laid out my case for sexism and hypocrisy, I will let you decide.

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  1. Our 5th grade students are learning about the UDHR right now and writing opinion essays. Wouldn't it be interesting to show the TU articles where Mr. shine speaks and ask our children to write their opinion on whether Mr. shine is in fact violating someone's human rights by telling them what to think and what not to think. The fact that teachers are threatened every day with lawsuits and the code of ethics for no reason at all is part of the reason the morale will increase as soon as Dr. Vitti is gone. The reason not to do such an activity is because our children need better roles models on THEIR school board.

  2. Shine is a douchebag who has permanently attached his lips to Vitti's rear end. If he thinks AJS is overly emotional because she is a female then he might want to check himself. Does he read his own rants? The only thing Shine can boast about is his role in singlehandedly destroying public education in Duval.

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