Scott Shine is a freaking… (rough draft)

I will let you finish that sentence.

As my lawsuit with the district came to an end, Mr. Shine, who because of his ill temperament cost the district six figures, had some interesting comments in the Times Union.

Before you read them I want to remind you that he is a multi-millionaire who opined that teachers in Jax make enough because the cost of living here is low. 

From the Times Union:

Shine said Monday he had no part in the settlement and didn’t care for the payout. He said Guerrieri’s legal actions were about getting money, not fighting for teacher’s rights.

“It’s about getting money out of the system,” Shine said. “It sounds to me like it was about $60,000.”
You know he’s right, I have made a lot of decisions based on money since I became a teacher.
When I graduated from college, my first contract was for 26,600 dollars and as a young man on my own that seemed like a lot, especially for something I really wanted to do which was work with disabled children.   
This is why in 2005 when a friend offered to help me get a job at Citibank making what they said was more than twice as much money I turned them down. When they said, what about the money, I replied there were more important things than money. Also could you picture me working at a bank? I can’t.
My first printed piece had to deal with money. Back in 2007 I received a bonus for being one of the top 25 percent of my silo and I felt bad that many other teachers I thought were great didn’t receive it. I suggested the district  going forward just take all the money and evenly divide it up.
Then I started the blog in 2010, some 4 years before I had ever heard of Scott Shine and over the years about a dozen times people have asked me about advertising on it. I however have always  turned them down because to me the blog was about getting the message out and not making money, even a few nickles here and there. I did have ad sense on briefly but I thought it was to distracting and took it down after a few weeks. I don’t think I will ever get that 48 bucks.   
Finally there are the literally thousands of dollars I have spent outfitting my rooms, buying supplies, chipping in to fundraisers and helping out my students over the years, with money I took out of my personal system. Why did I do it, often at times when I didn’t have much myself? Well because it was the right thing to do, it is what teachers do. 
I have made a lot of financial decisions about the system, just not in the way he implies.  
It is apparent that Scott Shine has no idea how I or teachers in general work or think and that would be a shame if he was some random on the street but as a school board member it is unacceptable.
So Mr. Shine, who only ran for the school board after twice failing to get elected to the city council, you can try and defame me all you want but at the end of the day people know who is in the system for all the wrong reasons.
Okay friends go ahead and finish the title of the blog…

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  1. …TOOL. He's a waste of space. He's the exact opposite of what you would want in a school board representative. I mean the gates are down, the lights are flashing, but the train…the train just ain't coming. In other words the wheels are turning but the hamster's dead if you know what I mean.

    Shine is incoherent(did you hear him try to explain his vote on the gun resolution in Duval County schools?), petty(going after teachers really??), and just plain incompetent(and that's the best of his qualities.) And what's worse is his bromance in City Hall, Gulliford, is covering for Shine to keep him from facing an actual opponent in an election. An opponent who is way more qualified to sit on the school board than Shine could ever hope to be because the other guy actually works in education. A crazy idea I know.

    Everybody here is dumber for having listened to Shine. I award him no points and may God have mercy on his soul. And to think all of this could have been avoided if Shine didn't threaten a teacher. Or realizing the folly of his ways he could've done the honorable thing and apologized. But honorable and Shine are two words you won't find in the same sentence. His ego has hurt DCPS in more ways than one & I'm not even talking about the lawsuit.

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