Scott Shine have you ever thought may be it is you?

Scott Shine sent out the email below to board chair Paula Wright after Mrs. Wright told him it would be inappropriate to bring advisors to his one on one meeting with potential superintendent candidates

 From: Shine, Scott 

Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2018 8:46 AM
To: Wright, Paula D. <>
Cc: Amos, Denise <>
Paula, I offered that information as a curtesy knowing that most reasonable people would not have a problem with my request.  This further shows this process is being controlled by a select number of board members with a blatant lack of transparency.  Process serves the goal of good government — we are not here simply to serve process.  As I have said many times in the past, nothing in our district is more broken then this board.  Scott Shine

 Sigh, so Scott Shine at the last minute in an email asked to change the agreed upon parameters and somehow it is the board’s fault.

I have disagreements with the process as well, I feel like we are in a hurry up and finish mode and I have concerns that to many members of the focus group tasked with interviewing the candidates are going to ask soft ball questions, but I don’t think the board is broken.

I know Chris, this guy will soon be nothing but a bad memory but the same people who elected him are actively trying to elect similar people, Willie and Chauncey. Come November Shine will be gone but there may be two new members who are just as bad or worse.

Scott thinks the board is broken but what’s really broken is him. If people disagree with him they are wrong or maladaptive or a parasite. He routinely calls me a liar without being able to indicate one example simply because he doesn’t like what I say, well he’s not going to like this either.

Shine has truly been a disaster on the board, the only thing worse than his ideas is his temperament and he has never represented the people of his district only his campaign donors and the people he rubs elbows with in his exclusive little club. The city will be much better off when he is gone.

Scott, it’s not the board that is broken, it is you.

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  1. Who were these advisors going to be? Did it ever occur to Shine that by doing so he would possibly be violating Sunshine Laws? why would some members of the public, because that would be their only status, get to attend but most would not?

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