Scott Shine, good God man, let it go

Do you know that person who always has problems with other people. People do even mundane things that make them upset, They always feel disrespected by someone, it’s always somebody else’s fault? You’re probably not close with them and you constantly want to tell them hey maybe it’s not everyone else that has the problem, maybe it’s you. I give you Scott Shine.

While most of the board is being diplomatic and wishing Vitti well, he’s still trying to hold on to Vitti like a tenth grader whose first kiss has traded up.

Scott just what are you seeing that they aren’t?

From the Times Union:

Shine, speaking during an emergency Board meeting, said Jacksonville’s community and business leaders are watching the Board’s actions, hoping they won’t let Vitti walk away.

“Yes, Detroit is Dr. Vitti’s hometown; but I believe here today that Jacksonville is also his home,” Shine said. “We could change the situation if we present a unified board and say, ‘We want you to stay.’”

Notice he didn’t say teachers and parents? I mean really he could have said anybody, but he chose business leaders. Most teachers and parents I know and am talking to and I bet I am talking to a fair bit more than Shine are glad Vitti is taking his talents to Detroit.

I don’t want to say Shine is alone on the board, I imagine Jones and Grymes wouldn’t mind going through the couch cushions to look for extra cash but the majority of the board has spoken and they are more than okay with Vitti leaving. He has to know this too but there he is banging his drum. 

It’s time Shine got on board before he further divides an already divided board.

Vitti is leaving the building, it’s time Shine moved on.

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