Scott Shine answers question about charter school conflict of interest… eventually

At the district 2 school board debate I submitted a question
that was asked about charter schools. You see Scott Shine has taken a lot of
money from charter schools and their representatives.
I asked if he would recuse himself from any votes that would
benefit his campaign donors. During the debate he hemmed and hawed but the
basic gist was he couldn’t imagine ever being put in a place where there was a
possible conflict of interest. A simple yes or no would have done.
Not satisfied with his answer, I stayed after and asked him
to answer the question, pointing out he didn’t say yes or no. His answer was a
little more convoluted in person but this time it boiled down to just because
somebody takes money from somebody it shouldn’t preclude them from supporting
them in the future but he would never do anything that would violate his
ethical obligations.
First about ethics in Florida. Ethics is like the perfect
key lime pie, we know it’s out there, we believe it exists but we have never
had a bite. Ethics in Florida is a bunch of mumbo jumbo legalese speak that
often leaves people wanting and wishing for more. In short if you aren’t caught
with a dead girl or a live boy then you are good.
I wrote this about Darryl Willie a few days back who has
also taken a lot of money from the same charter school people.
This is my
thing, love charter schools, support charter schools, write songs about and
have parades 
for charter schools,
heck take their money too if you like but then recuse yourself from votes that
would benefit them. If they are worthy then six other members can vote aye and
take up your slack. If not, not only have you just been bought and paid for but
you have sold out your community as well. 

But maybe since Mr. Shine feels differently than me I am not as
ethical as him.

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