School recognition money will be released…

Some people asked me when school recognition funds, extra money given to the staff at schools with high grades or show great improvement, was going to be distributed. The money was released to the district last October.

I didn’t know so I asked the district and this is what they told me.

Hi Chris,
Thank you for your patience! Per Florida Statute 1008.36, schools have until Feb. 1 to submit their plan for distribution of funds. Distribution of funds will occur after this statutory deadline.  Please note that over the past three years, funds have been distributed in March, April or May.  I’ve included a link to the statute for your reference:
Hope this helps!

So there you go, after February 1st and maybe in March, April or May.

Now I hope you will excuse me while I go cry. 

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  1. Hi Chris, thank you for your patience and we mean that literally. As you know from our past history, we earn some sweet interest from holding onto teachers' money for as long as possible. So we do, ha-ha. Sucks to be you, we know. But we won't let go of your money until we absolutely have to. So don't go shopping just yet, giggle. We really slay ourselves with that Feb 1 comment when we force all schools to submit their plan before the school year lets out. To make it really good, schools submit a list of who gets paid, as we demand, and then we pretend some schools didn't do it, so that's our latest excuse. Anyhoo, our response is getting long, so here's the nitty-gritty: we will pay teachers and staff on the last paycheck before the state deadline–April 30. Very truly yours, DCPS.

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