School Grades are out and who cares?

School grades don’t improve
schools, students or teachers but they sure as heck punish them. –cpg
From the Miami Herald: Even
though student test scores have held steady — and are in some cases rising —
Florida has a record-high 107 F-rated schools this year, state education
leaders announced on Friday.
From the Sun Sentinel: The Florida Department
of Education said statewide the number of A-rated schools dropped from 48
percent to 29 percent. Meanwhile, the number of F schools jumped from 2 to 4
the Gainesville Sun: State officials predicted the
drop as a result of Florida’s ever-changing and increasingly complicated
accountability formula, which grades schools on an A-to-F scale.
the Orlando Sentinel: Despite a last-minute effort
by Florida education officials to reduce the effect of tough new standards on
annual school grades, results for elementary and middle schools released Friday
by the state Department of Education show a sharp increase in D and F schools
and fewer A schools as well.

From the Tallahassee Democrat: Statewide, 39 percent fewer schools received A’s for the 2012-13
school year than they did the year before — an unprecedented decline,
especially among elementary schools.

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