School Board member Jason Fischer’s pattern of disturbing behavior. (rough draft)

I am just going to get right to it. When Mr. Fischer ran for
school board he had to clarify whether he had been in the Navy or not. It turns
out he hadn’t been but that didn’t stop a lot of people from feeling like he
had implied that he was.
He also ran on his endorsement from Jeb Bush which where
perfectly legal kind of wrecks the supposedly non-partisan nature of school
board races and I also think should have been a red flag because Bush is all
about the privatization of our schools. I personally want my school board
representatives to be pro public education and want to work to fix our problems
rather than out source our kids educations to companies many of whom care more
about the bottom lime.
Fast forward to his letter to the editor the other day where
he gave such stock to Students First 2013 state report card. 
Like it or not Fischer is on the school board and that means
what he says instantly has a bit of credibility but Mr. Fischer left out some
important parts about Students First and its report card. First it’s Michelle
Rhee’s organization and she is polarizing to say the least. Second the report
card is just two years old, hardly steeped in tradition. Furthermore it has
been widely discredited, dismissed and ridiculed for being very pro
privatization. Finally he left out some of the other reasons, like having class
size limits, local control of schools and teachers with pensions, why Florida
received the grade he was bemoaning about.
In short and to be very, very generous he cherry picked some
dubious information to emphasize his point.

Don’t we deserve a school board member who is always
above board? If he has the right message that should require any subterfuge
which Mr. Fischer seems quite adept in.  

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