School Board member Jason Fischer says he won’t be swayed by data

In a I can’t make this stuff up moment,
Jason Fisher in a Times union article on charter schools said: he wouldn’t make
any conclusions based on the data.  Fischer
said because the data is aggregated it misses successes by charters like KIPP,
Duval Charter School at Baymeadows and River City Science.

facts, evidence why should he be swayed by these things after all fellow board
member Ashley Smith-Juarez isn’t when it comes to smaller classes and neither
is most of the education reform movement.
Nobody is
saying there aren’t quality charter schools but what people who believe in
things like facts, evidence and data are saying is why the rush to privatize
lets slow down and make sure we get it right and our schools and reforms should
be data driven.
Fischer will apparently go with his gut and data and our kids be damned.


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  1. "Don't confuse me with the facts"; an attitude which is endemic to Jacksonville, whether the subject is education, public safety, infrastructure, mass transit, or gun safety.

    Yet another big part of what Jacksonville has become, and why.

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