Rory Diamond, doubles down on his hatred of public schools.

Rory Diamond had a disastrous performance today during the joint meeting between the school board and city council where he doubled down on his hatred of public schools. 

From Florida Politics,

Republican Councilman Rory Diamond spotlighted inequities and perennially-failing schools, before calling Dr. Jennifer Brown from the KIPP school for the “charter perspective.”
The crowd groaned.
The crowd groaned, um first I wonder who told Diamond to have her come up and give the “Charter school perspective”?
Next KIPP is far from the typical charter school. Each year they receive millions, MILLIONS, extra from the state and hundreds of thousands extra from the city, heck last year they got more PECO funds than any school in the city. It’s nice to have friends right.  
Diamond represents the beaches which have some of the best schools in the city and the district was less than one percentage point away from an A grade but Diamond talks about the school system like it was before it was decertified and he uses the worst possible charter the KIPP school as an example.
Diamond also said he was going to draft a bill having the district split proportionately any school tax money, you know because needs and equity aren’t concept he can wrap his mind around.
Greene explained why Diamond is a moron, wrong about proportional sharing of the sames tax.  
From WJCT,
Councilman Rory Diamond invited KIPP Jacksonville Executive Director Jennifer Brown to give the charter school perspective, and she said the funding should follow students.
But Greene said, if the district funds schools purely based on the size of the student body, Greenland Pines and Waterleaf would both receive about $12 million, even though Greenland Pines needs north of $13 million in maintenance, while Waterleaf needs a little less than $1 million.  
Here is what makes the idea even worse, since so many of our charters are for profit, it just means more money into their owners pockets.
Diamond has been consistently uniformed and shows a palpable hatred of our schools, despite representing some of the best in not just in the city but the state. I hope the beaches are kicking themselves for sending this “censored” to city hall.

And the crowd groaned.

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