Rory Diamond continues his shameless attacks against DCPS

Rory, Rory, Rory, who hurt you, or more to the point who bought you off?

At the recent Beaches Watch meeting, Diamond, lied and spread misinformation, at some point we can’t chalk this up to his freshmen ignorance and he has to be held accountable.

First he said, and its right there on his power point, the school board has not under invested in our schools. sheesh. Tallahassee changed the amount districts can collect through millage costing DCPS abut 30 million a year and when you factor in inflation we spend about a grand less than we did in 2007. You can’t “under invest” what you don’t have.

Next he claims if we do the referendum the district will have 3 billion dollars over the next 15 years but instead of treating that like its something insidious, we should be glad, the district can use it. He also seems to think that if the referendum comes into play, nothing new will break and there won’t be any new needs. 

Finally he says DCPS has 22 failing schools, a quick look at the FLDOE site says two, just two DCPS schools got an F last year.

It’s time Diamond stopped lying and started helping.


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