Rory Diamond continues his quest to be most reviled city council member (draft)

A while back Diamond said only children in charters have a chance.

At the joint city council school board meeting, he had the director of the KIPP school speak and explain the charter school experience.

He with joy in his voice said he would withdraw the districts referendum request.

He called the school board chair a liar too.

Diamond even though it is ridiculous and unfair has called for a proportional split with charters any sales tax money and often comes off as a $#@^ *%$ when talking about the district and now this,

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This is in response from Jason Fischer’s flip flop, when he changed from wanting an appointed school board to wanting to have an elected superintendent and the outrage this created. He thinks he is being clever, that to support one election and not the other makes you a hypocrite, he is to tone deaf to realize he falls in that group as well.

There is a difference however from stopping people to vote on the needed referendum and wanting people to vote on electing a super for no other reason than that’s what his donors want.

Rory undoubtedly has no since of history, that when we last had an elected superintendent we were decertifyied as a district, how under Greene we have the highest graduation rate we have ever had and were just one percentage point away from being A rated, or that all the other large districts have appointed superintendents because they know we need somebody with experience and expertise. No he doesn’t know any of that, he is just some privileged white guy making a joke about getting rid of an African American woman, whose only fault is she has done her job, and said no to the city council’s extortion.

Come on beaches was this $#@%^ *#^ really the best you could have done? 

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