Rory Diamond calls the school board chair a liar.

I have to say I have been nothing but impressed by Lori Hershey since she replaced the horrible Jason Fischer on the school board. She is prepared and a fierce advocate for our schools. I hope she now understands that it’s time to take the kid gloves off. 

In a piece in Florida Politics, political mercenary and part of the extortion team Mousa and Baker, Tim Baker called Mrs. Hershey a fool.

From Florida Politics, 

Baker sees the capital need, but doesn’t see the narrative having emerged to pull off a referendum victory yet.
“I wouldn’t oppose a good policy or meddle in a process because someone like Hershey is a fool and lashed out. A good plan with a good campaign can win by 20 points. A bad plan (or lack of one really) and the path they are on now loses by 20 points,” Baker said.
“I’m just a Duval County voter so my opinion is just worth one vote, but like the Mayor and every member of Council I’ve heard speak on the issue I personally believe the schools need more money for facilities but what I’ve seen isn’t enough to win my vote at the ballot box, which is the only place I have a say in,” Baker added.
He sees the capital needs right, but he saw a need to put six figures in his pocket even more. As for Hershey lashing out, good, I am glad she did, it helps expose the nasty underbelly of city hall. Then he says he sees the need but it doesn’t have his vote? That speaks to his poor character.
Davis wasn’t the only one who disparaged the council chair in the piece as Rory “the only place children have a chance is charter schools” Diamond called her a liar in a tweet.
You know because if you stand up for public schools you must be a lair. I asked Mr. Diamond and maybe you should too, specifically what she lied about. I won’t hold my breath waiting for a response.
Here is the thing too, even if you think public schools should rot, you have to admit Hershey has behaved with nothing but dignity and respect. There is noway I could hold my tongue like she must be doing. The other side which is fighting against giving children what they both need and deserve can definitely not say the same thing.
Here is his email if you want to ask him.

4 Replies to “Rory Diamond calls the school board chair a liar.”

  1. Hershey is a lier and a failure like you. No wonder you think she is a messiah. But all of this is good. The council, the public are seeing all of you for what you are. And, that is the best case to dismantle the corruption and outdated system that you work for. A system that short changes kids. Yes, let the people decide. One third of kids in jax attend options other than old style public schools. What if the rest had the real option to make another choice? More than half would not choose your system.

    1. If you thought this piece was good you are going to love the one about Scott Shine setting up a hidden camera in his office. Creepy!

  2. When Francis says "let the people decide" is he talking about the GC Jason Gabriel or the Charter Revision Committee? Just clarifying because the voters or "the people" have already decided. Just ask them.

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