Romney and Obama’s position on the Chicago teachers strike or why I am forced to vote for Obama

Romney came out swinging and bashing, his target the Chicago teacher’s union. Instead of attacking teachers he could have supported them. Heck their opponent is Obama’s right hand man Rahm Emanuel. Had Romney supported the teachers instead he may have just earned their support.

Obama on the other hand chose to support neither and this despite the fact his education policies are practically in lock step with Emanuels, heck they are very similar to Romneys as well. The president instead just wished for a speedy end to the strike.

Friends, both of their positions suck. Neither support the hard working men and women of Chicago who aren’t just fighting for pay raises but are pushing back against the corporate reforms that both parties leadership have embraced. The union knows these are harmful to public education and the teaching profession, not just in Chicago but nationwide as well.

The thing is as bad as Obama’s position is, as devoid of leadership it is, it is much better than Romneys.

This is where teachers find themselves and sadly that is why most teachers will hold their noses and vote for Obama

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