Ricky King embraces dirty tricks in the district 7 school board race.

Look I completely get it, I am naive thinking people should want to do things the right way, that being said Ricky King is lying to somebody and that makes me mad.

In the paper when asked about him hoarding opponents potential web-site names he said:

From the Florida Times Union:

King, a 26-year-old
former high school teacher of government, said he is following a national
example: Until recently the website Jebbush.com was redirecting people to a
Donald Trump website. Trump’s staffers have denied creating the link.
King said he believes
the tactic is effective, and that his rivals would try it if they could.

“Don’t take this as a
smart-aleck remark, but … they’re just unhappy that they didn’t think of it
before me,” he said.

He embraces this move! I imagine he looked around the room for high fives. This is however different frm something he wrote on his web page.

On his web-page when asked by a voter about taking web sites he says: thank you for your inquiry. Ricky does not manage this page and his camp is unaware of a candidate by that name. However- if you’d like, you can email him directly at vote4rking@gmail.com

On one hand he says, yeah I did it and the other candidates are just mad that they didn’t think of it first and on the other he or his representative says, what who me, I didn’t have anything to do with it?

I know it’s early but is this who we want on the school board? Somebody who embraces dirty tricks?

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District 7 is the most important race in 25 years and I have to think we can do better than somebody who thinks these kind of tactics are okay.

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  1. sounds like marketing 101, to me. marketing can be a "messy" game… but i'd be mad too if I was one of the other candidates… lol and look, everyone is talking about him and saying, "who?" about the other candidates. so ya'll are just helping him get more name recognition, people don't care if it's good/neutral/bad; they just look for a name they recognize on the ballot when it comes to this local stuff. lol

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