Rick Scott’s pick for State Board of Education, dubious education background.

And I am not
talking about Teach for America either, though I could and a lot. I am talking
about her personal education.

First she
has a BA from Pennsylvania in psychology, maybe communications, it’s hard to
tell it’s not on her Linked In page and this from the glass ceiling is a little
hard to interpret, but hey if you are going to be a consultant of some sort
those are probably great degrees to have. Which by the way was what she was
doing when Scott picked her to be on the board. http://glassceiling.com/?p=3078

Then she got
a Master’s in Ed from Banks College in New York, that’s everywhere but if you
go to the Banks Website it says this.

On April 26, 2012, the Graduate School was accepted as a
formal candidate for accreditation by the 
Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)
. NCATE candidacy status means that the Graduate School of
Education has met all preconditions and is actively working towards the other
requirements. Below is an overview of our timeline.

So basically
 she got the gig with just two years of TFA
classroom experience and a masters in Ed from a non accredited college, and that’s
the best we can do?

To look at
the college she went to, click the link:

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