Rick Scott thinks Floridians are stupid and I can prove it.

Well first we
elected him so for at least some of you he is right but what I am talking about
are his picks to lead the education system.
First there was
Gerard Robinson from Virginia who lasted a year and was then followed by Tony Bennett of Indiana who lasted less than one, and
now he puts a New Yorker, Fishman-Lipsey (fish lips um, that’s unfortunate) on
the state board of education. She is a 32 year old TFA grad who taught for only two years, neither of them in Florida. You know what all three of them have in common besides being picked by Scott to head our education system?
None of them are from Florida or have ever taught in a Florida classroom.
Since Scott’s
not really from Florida either, he lived he barley long to be eligible to run, his
disdain for Floridians isn’t all that surprising.  

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