Rick Scott insults all of Florida’s teachers… again.

By placing
a Teach for America hobbyist on the state board of education, Rick Scott thumbed
his nose at all the hard working men and women who sacrifice so much for the
state’s children.
Teach for
America in case you have been living under a rock takes non education majors,
puts them through a five week access course and then puts them in our neediest
classrooms or the exact opposite of what people call best practices.   
In case
you were wavering because of the pennies he recently threw the states teachers
please also remember that under his watch the state stole 3 percent of teacher’s
pay to balance the books, and a draconian and nonsensical teacher evaluation
system was enacted.  

This also continues the state’s policy of not putting educators or experienced applicants in charge of education and then we wonder why we are in trouble.


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