Rick Scott admits Florida got it wrong on testing but why stop there?

Rick Scott through executive order canceled the 11th
grade English assessment saying,
“It’s important to measure
students’ progress and achievements, but we must not lose sight of our goal to
provide every student with the very best education. As I have traveled the state, I have heard from
parents and teachers that there are too many tests, and I agree.”

I suppose I and all the other parents and teachers
that he spoke to could say, we told you so, but instead I think we should thank
the governor for acknowledging the mistake and encourage him not to stop

What about admitting Florida was wrong about charter schools where over 270 have failed in Florida over the years, leaving families in a lurch and costing untold millions of dollars? Despite their advantages they as a group don’t perform as well
as public schools and most of the ones that are doing well set up shop in affluent
neighborhoods siphoning away resources from the public schools there. Shouldn’t the
governor also say, hey guys we blew it on that one too.

Then how about with Florida’s voucher program which has practically
zero accountability and it’s just not academically. Private schools that take
less than 250 thousand dollars, or most of them, don’t have to report how the money is spent.
Shouldn’t the governor say, hey if accountability is good for public schools it’s
good enough for private schools financed by the public too.

How about admitting Florida was wrong to start a merit
pay system for its teachers. First merit pay has scant evidence that says it works and then we
are basing teacher scores on VAM scores, a complicated mathematical formula
that doesn’t take into account poverty, absenteeism or behavior. That’s a 
recipe for disaster if there ever was one and the Governor should acknowledge it and cancel it too.

Here are a few more things Florida has blown.

The A-F scoring system which only accurately shows
what schools zip codes are because the ones in the poorer zip codes
invariably do worse.

His appointments to the state board of education all
of who have less experience in education than private schools that take
vouchers have accountability.  Hey Rick how about 
appointing a true educator to the board?

Then there is how we fund schools which has had us ranking at or
near the bottom since they started rankings.

Finally what about Common Core which doesn’t address poverty our real
problem, not low standards, which completely guts a system which was working.

So thank you Governor Scott for admitting Florida was
wrong and does test too much, something parents and teachers have been telling
you for years and getting rid of one test but why stop there when there is so much more that Florida
has gotten wrong as well.

2 Replies to “Rick Scott admits Florida got it wrong on testing but why stop there?”

  1. Don't be fooled, I read the executive order, and Pammie's nonsense, other than this one test, nothing has changed. Politician's posturing to placate parents (do you love the alliteration? Feel free use it.) Nothing has changed. ^0^

  2. VAM is supposed to take absenteeism and behavior into account, but I don't see that being done. Duval has a wierd policy that states that being present for any part of the day means you are present. A student can leave after 1st per. every day and the report will show perfect attendance. I'll bet anything that Duval doesn't follow the law about driver's licenses either. Anyone want to take that bet?

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