Richard Corcoran retweets anti union screed

Betsy DeVos Junior undermines his ability to lead when he attacks teacher’s representatives, mostly made up of by teachers by the way. Though leading isn’t why he was appointed to the position, no it’s his job to marginalize, impair, obstruct, harm, hammer and hamper public education and lets face it, he is pretty good at his job.

There is a lot to unpack there?

Trapped? In Florida you can attend any public school you can get to and we spend over a billion dollars and rising on private school tuition. Also Republicans have been completely in control for over 20 years, if there are issues shouldn’t they bear some of that responsibility? 

Failure factories? If a school is failing isn’t that societies fault for not giving it the resources it needs? That’s the thing, even the schools that don’t do well on high stakes standardized tests aren’t failing, I thank God for the teachers there because the children would be much worse off without them.

Union controlled dems, you know teacher unions do skew democratic but that’s because democrats are typically allies of public education, they want to fund and help it or you know the exact opposite of typical republicans.  Hey Kim if your team wasn’t full of mercenaries, charlatans and zealots I guaranty you teacher unions would work with you too because what is best for kids is teachers is what they want.

The president supports choice, hmm unless you choose public schools, you know like the vast majority of families do. Charter schools many of which are just money making opportunities for owners and investors and voucher schools which have so little accountability you might as well say they have none, don’t create competition, they create bad education outcomes for children, public schools have their funding cut hurting them, and many of the others are substandard.

As for the president supporting a world class education, um Betsy DeVos anyone?

Attacking teacher unions, is red beat for the base, it’s the bell to Pavlov’s dogs. As usual it’s the right avoiding the issues and ginning up the zealots.

We have serious issues that need serious solutions from serious people and once again Corcoran shows he is not up to the task.

I am going on a bike ride, to get Corcoans’s toxicity out of my system, I will edit to when I get back.

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