Richard Corcoran like his leadership is MIA

We are less than two months from teachers reporting, and with Florida in the middle of a pandemic, with budget cuts certainly coming without a fed bailout, something they don’t seem inclined to do and also did I mention we are supposed to start rolling out an entirely knew curriculum, Education commissioner Richard Corcoran is suddenly MIA.–20200609-o7q4bfi7ujct5cwbgansyo44uy-story.html?

Richard Corcoran is not an educator, though he often shows his disdain for them. Most years him not weighing in would probably be preferred but you may have picked up on it, this is not most years.

From the Florida Phoenix,

The lack of state guidance from Corcoran and the Department of Education led to the formation of outside committees to get the conversation going.
The Florida Education Association created two committees to provide state officials recommendations for how to safely reopen PreK-12 schools and higher education. They released their recommendations to the public for PreK-12 Tuesday and higher education Wednesday.  
While Corcoran has not announced solid plans to the public, FEA president Fedrick Ingram said the union has spoken with Corcoran since the recommendations were released.

There is no doubt that in the best of times this job was to big and out of Corcoran’s wheelhouse, and sadly just when we need leadership the most, we are stuck with a man whose aim is not to help public ed but to harm it.

These are indeed troubling times for education in Florida. 

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