Richard Corcoarn has selective accountability

The cabal that runs Florida Education system has selective accountability It’s on steroids for public schools while charters and voucher schools barely have any.  You would think that when it comes to safety all the schools would be treated alike but not even there.

From the Sun Sentinel,

As Florida commissioner of education, and before that as speaker of the Florida House, Richard Corcoran has talked a lot about accountability. But he applied it selectively in the case of a charter school that failed to adequately protect its own students, in Broward, of all places.
The school failed to provide a safe environment for its more than 500 students on the opening day of school, as the law requires in this tense and troubling post-Parkland world.
As a result, the Broward school district took the unprecedented and correct step of seizing control of Championship Academy of Distinction in Davie after the district said the school ignored repeated warnings since April to comply with a state law and provide a school safety officer on Day One.
On Aug. 20, the day Broward took decisive action, Corcoran sent a letter to Superintendent Robert Runcie calling it “problematic for several reasons.” He recommended intermediate steps instead. Suddenly, accountability didn’t seem so urgent…
The tough-talking Corcoran issued another ultimatum to school districts on Holocaust education, hinting at financial penalties, after a controversy at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton in which a former principal said there was debate over whether the Holocaust happened. The commissioner has also suggested a possible takeover of struggling public schools.
Corcoran is the undisputed political champion of school choice expansion in Florida, to the detriment of public education, and his affinity for charter schools is well known. On his watch as speaker, charter schools first became eligible for construction money previously earmarked for traditional public schools. His wife Anne founded a charter school in their home county of Pasco, north of Tampa.
Hoo Boy
Deep breaths.
Friends accountability in Florida isn’t about making sure things get done, money is properly spent and our children are taken care of. Instead its a weapon that Tallahassee uses to bludgeon public schools because they wish to seen them eliminated.
We can fight back or allow them to drown public ed in the bath tub, those are our options.

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