Rich white men and education in Duval

Here is a pair of alternate takes on Ashley Smith Juarez’s decision not to bring up the superintendent’s continued employment. They are from the Times Union, comments on a piece about ASJ’s decision.

Smith-Juarez just slammed the door in the face of every African American child she mentioned in her letter to the Superintendent. You just sent a message these children don’t matter unless rich white men say they matter. Is this Hillary Clinton’s America where rich white men call all of the shots and shutdown the School Board Chair?
Ms. Smith Juarez, you have let down every teacher and every family that was looking to you to end the dysfunction happening in this system. Your choice to give in to the self-serving elitists in and out of this county perpetuates the very racism you claim has plagued our school system for years.
You delivered the people’s power — an elected board — into the hands of a few. You are grown. You are educated. As long as you have your few million dollars, the colored kids can just make it the best way they know how.
I’m sorry you didn’t want to give up exclusive access to the finest country clubs and golf courses. I’m sorry you chose dining with the elite and hobnobbing with the super wealthy over the black and brown children who cannot read.
Maybe you should relinquish your seat as chair immediately. It’s a shame you chose bigotry over better!

Let me get this straight.
She causes an uproar after threatening to fire the Superintendent. Then after the KKK (Rich Edition) comes to Vitti’s rescue, she goes back on her word! How immature of a leader is this behavior.
Ms. Smith Juarez, you just cosigned something deeply beneath any mediocrity I’ve seen. You allowed your wealthy and elite friends to steal the show and show who’s boss.
What in the hell do blacks have to lose? The worst schools. The lowest unemployment rates.
Blacks have everything to lose with an open bigot in Donald Trump but they also have everything to lose with the woman who’s friends with bigots behind closed doors.
Such a pitifully and pathetically thoughtless move on her part.
She should have saw it through to the end. Have you no shame?

I have written many times about how a handful of rich white men, with zero education experience and who for the most part didn’t send their children to Duval’s schools run the show. I think they are making things worse and i am not the only one.

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  1. I agree with everything you said, but it is about poverty not color. She slammed the door shut on every child who is poor. The gap is between the haves and the have nots. Read Ruby Payne's work.

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