Representative Janet Adkins, those who can teach, those who can’t pass laws about teaching

The Chutzpah of our elected officials is mind numbing. Mrs.
Adkins who as far as I can tell has never been a teacher told teachers, experts
in their fields that their ideas were off the table, that they were not even
worth considering.

From the Orlando Sentinel:
Many educators feared the new requirements would make it harder for some
students to graduate
, and some told Adkins’ committee they
welcomed the discussion about other options.
“Every boy and girl will not be able to attain these high
standards of a college preparatory diploma,” said Dan Boyd, superintendent of
Alachua County schools, one of several administrators who spoke in favor of
some changes to the current situation. “The thing that just appalled me is
where we are heading…we’re going to deny a significant proportion of boys
and girls a high school diploma.”
Some suggested the state consider more “equivalent courses”
that might provide most of the same content but in ways that related to a
particular field, whether it was engineering or nursing. Others suggested
different types of diplomas –but Adkins said later that suggestion wasn’t on
the table.

Mrs. Adkins obviously doesn’t understand that we can’t continue to force
every student into a one size fits all curriculum and then wonder why some don’t
make it. She is part of the problem!

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