Representative Crisafulli’s teacher conspiracy theory

Crisafulli our incoming speaker of the house penned an
opt-ed advocating for the states continued reliance on high stakes test. There
was a lot wrong with his reasoning, like an absence of facts and him just making stuff up but what really
got me was his teacher conspiracy theory.
He wrote:  The recent
misuse of the phrase “high-stakes tests” can be attributed to the fact the
results are now high stakes for teachers. Starting this year, teachers are
eligible for performance pay based in part on student progress. Teachers aren’t
graded on a child’s ability to pass a test, but are rewarded for helping
children make progress.
Oh he thinks teachers met together at their secret head
quarters where they had to give the secret union handshake to get in and there
hatched an ultra secret plan to discredit high stakes testing to avoid merit
pay.  He is implying that before tests
were used to reward teachers there were no problem with high stakes testing at
all but now all of a sudden people are complaining and it’s because of teachers. It must be because he believes teachers are to lazy to work for the wonderful rewards the state plans to give us.
Oh those darn teachers, just trying to trick people.

The disdain this guy shows for teachers is dripping
off his op-ed and he isn’t above being deceptive to sell his points either and
this guy is about to be the leader of the house too but more on that in a
future post.

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