Representative Byron Donalds, admits discrimination occurs in Florida’s voucher schools, he just doesn’t care.

I will let his words do his talking for him.

For beeps sake, these guys. I don’t envy the back pains they must have twisting themselves into knots.

Let me ask you a question, if 25 McDonalds’ wouldn’t serve African Americans would you shrug your shoulders and say, well most do so it’s okay. Well that seems to be what Donald’s is saying.

Of course not, it’s also not just 25 schools. The Orlando Sentinel reported it was 156, but you know facts never get in the way these days.

It’s not just LGBTQ kids either, many voucher schools don’t accept children with disabilities and the system is set up so voucher schools can deny and or kick out any kid they want for any reason, and guess what the public is paying for it.

Florida, shouldn’t we be doing better?

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