Representative Anna Eskamani attacked for fighting against school discrimination (draft)

This is what I don’t get, even if you are a fan of school choice, unless you are a religious zealot, you should be outraged by the voucher system set up in Florida. Let me describe it to you, voucher schools can do whatever they want and there is so little oversight you might as well say there is none,  and the public is supposed to gleefully pay for it, and there you go, Florida’s voucher system in a nutshell.

Online on Facebook and twitter, people like the representative and Journalist Scott Maxwell have been the target of attacks, merely for thinking publicly funded discrimination should come to an end. Friends, what is wrong with that proposal?

If some private school believes so adamantly in it, let them teach their hate without tax payer dollars. How is that asking too much? 

The representative was also attacked by a Jacksonville City Councilman, Rory Diamond who has fought against the public schools in Jacksonville and taken over a million dollars from pro charter interests. He said representative Eskamani was bought off by the teacher unions as if decent folks shouldn’t be against discrimination or for transparency.

People will also insanely throw out, people that are against discrimination are against Christianity which is patently ridiculous. It’s the discrimination, no matter who does it, which is what people take issue with. Though if your church teaches you to hate and discriminate and you stay, then that is on you.

Then inexplicably despite the maleficence being exposed and more and more businesses dropping out, Tallahassee has no plans to rein in the hate schools

 and is even looking to role back what little accountability they have. Um, when did up become down?

Florida we can and should be doing a lot better than this.

 Image may contain: possible text that says 'ANNA ESKAMANI Democrat for Florida House 47 A "I STAND WITH KLANNED PARENTHOOD!" "NO SCHOOL CHOICE FOR GAYS!"'

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