Rep. Manny Diaz, school districts should be forced to give their properties to for profit charter schools

That’s gist anyways.

When talking about forcing school district’s to give their underutilized properties
to charter schools he said:
“There’s a lot underutilized space, particularly in urban districts because
of the growth patterns,” Diaz said. “The taxpayers are paying for that space to
be used as a school. We’re supposed to be serving kids.”

So let me get this straight, he wants to take neighborhoods that have lots
of openings and put more openings into them?  Um, what am I missing here?

Charter schools should work with district’s strategic plans to fill needs
not just look for a cheap place to set up so they can suck more money out of
public schools. Most of these charter schools by the way are either for profit
or are the nonprofit arms of for profit companies and pay those companies hefty
management fees and or rents.

Mr. Diaz should not be looking to siphon more money out of public education and
instead should be working on assuring that charter schools provide a quality
education, we know at least 250 of them haven’t.

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