Reformers spend 10s of millions of dollars; learn teachers are doing a good job.

That’s not what they wanted to learn though. They wanted to
be able see look, teachers are living off of society’s trough getting fat and
happy at the expense of the nations children. Unfortunately their own
evaluation systems that in many cases were enacted with teachers and their
unions fighting tooth and nail against, have shown what most of us who care
about public education have known for quit some time and that’s the vast
majority teachers are doing a good job.

Unfortunately this isn’t going to stop the debate as people
like Senate President Aaron Bean. Jeb Bush and Michelle Rhee won’t rest until
more teachers are rated ineffective, they can’t fathom for a moment that even
the best teacher can do so much when our system decides to ignore poverty and
the negative elements it brings with it.
Friends the powers-that-be can blame teachers all they want
and start one charter school or voucher program after another but as long as they
decide to continue to ignore poverty our children especially the most
vulnerable will suffer.  

To read the New York Times exhaustive piece on the
subject click the link:

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