Questions Parents with Special Needs Children Should Ask Their School

By Greg Sampson
Questions Parents with Special Needs Children Should
Ask Their School:
Has my child received all the accommodations written in
his/her Individual Education Plan (IEP)?
May I see the documentation from each teacher?
How often does the Support Facilitator (SF) meet with
my child?
Do the reading and math goals support my child
achieving proficiency under the standards, or have the standards been modified?
(Elementary and Middle School) Does the IEP keep my
child on track for a regular high school diploma? If not, how can this happen
or why do you think my child should be slotted for a different type of diploma?
My child received a grade less than a C in this class.
What did you do to prevent that? Did you comply with the IEP? Can you prove
(Secondary schools) Has each teacher received a copy of
the current IEP? If not, do they have access to it and have they read it?
When my child misbehaves, is it a true misbehavior or
is it a manifestation of his/her disabilities? What positive behavior
intervention strategies are you using to keep my child calm?
I know schools receive extra funding for SES (Special
Education Students). How are you using that funding—for services for my child
or is it going into the general budget?
My child is in a regular ed class. What training has
the teacher received to understand her/his needs and to provide him with the
support required?
 No doubt, readers, you can amend and add to this
list. Weigh in with your comments. Let’s make 2014-2015 the year DCPS does
right by each and every one of its SES students. 

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