Public schools pay the price for Tallahassee’s hypocrisy.

Often the people and legislators in Tallahassee who are
fighting hardest to keep Florida’s failed school accountability system in place
are school vouchers staunchest defenders. They scream that we must have
accountability for our public schools but then they shrug their shoulders when it
comes to private schools that accept vouchers.

In the public school system schools can be labeled as
failures, children can fail or be forced to take remedial classes, teachers can
be fired and every penny has to be accounted for. In the voucher system the only
real accountability measure that private schools have is they are required to report
what they do with the money if the amount is over 250 thousand dollars, which
only a handful of them take in.
The people who support vouchers also say we must listen to the
parents of children who accept vouchers because they know what is best for their
children but at the same time they ignore the parents of public school children
who have been complaining about a lack of resources and high stakes testing for

I will close by saying the state constitution calls for a
high quality and uniform education system. What we have is neither high quality
nor uniform as public schools pay the price for Tallahassee’s hypocrisy.

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