Public Education can’t survive four more years of Rick Scott and Gary Chartrand.

MarryEllen Elia the superintendent of Hillsborough county representing the states school superintendents asked the State Board of Education for a moratorium on the state’s high stakes testing accountability system. This is a sentiment echoed by the Parent Teacher Association and the states teacher unions among other groups. They represent millions of the people closest to education. The State board which I remind you does not have one true educator on it and instead is made up or Rick Scott donors and supporters gave them a collective shrug of their shoulders.

You see despite being charged with running our pubic education system Scott and the board neither believe in nor support our public schools. If they did rather than trying to privatize our public schools with charters that as a group perform worse and vouchers which resist accountability they would be working to improve our public schools. If they did they would listen to the concerns about testing, accountability, a lack of resources and privatization and attempt to address them. I am completely befuddled how Rick Scott an insurance executive and Gary Chartrand the chair of the board and a grocer by trade who sent his children to exclusive and expensive private schools, can dismiss the experts in education. How is it possible that they think they know better?

Some of you might be saying what about the board and Scott’s proposal to fund education at a previously unseen level, to which I reply isn’t it good to be education in an election year. The problem is last time Scott ran he promised not to cut education and then did so by 1.5 billion dollars and coupled with the damage he and the board did the last four, I am not sure public education can survive four more years of him and a state board who would rather dismantle our public schools rather than work to improve them.

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2 Replies to “Public Education can’t survive four more years of Rick Scott and Gary Chartrand.”

  1. W O R D !

    Vote anyone but Scott.

    Charlie may not be the messiah but he ain't Satan either. His opinions flipping back and forth is not an issue. His positions should change with the will of the people he represents. That is what elected officials should be doing, not imposing their beliefs on the people.

    Problem with Charlie is he owned those opinions as if they were his beliefs. Trying to be everything to everybody is not smart, but once again…he's not Scott either. And that's good enough for me.

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