Proof of corruption from the Duval County school board

Earlier this week the DCSB agenda included an item where it was going to sell Mary McLeod Bethune elementary to Mount Sinai Missionary Holiness Church Inc. for $1,000. Well Mt Sinai Missionary Holiness Church Inc wasn’t a company till the 28th of last month which is the same day that the school board agenda was published which means the agenda had to be discussed well before then.

I can see the conversation now:

School Board member to friend: Yeah just form a company and we’ll give the property to you for practically nothing, then flip it and make a killing and we will talk again.

Friend: yeah I like that idea.

Education Matters caught this one, just like it caught Connie Hall’s Ready for Tomorrow which was likewise pulled and has now gone away but how many has Ed Matters missed? My bet is a lot.

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