Problems with the QEA??

I am told Human Resources Director Sonita Young at a hastily called meeting this past Monday was dismissive of dozens of QEA teachers and blamed them for not properly reading the contract as she told them they would not be receiving the bonuses promised to them.

In case you don’t remember the QEA was a privately financed initiative whose main function was to pay high performing teachers to go to or stay at 36 of our historical low performing schools which came to be known as DTO (Duval Transformation office) schools and yes we love acronyms.

Now many of these teachers who uprooted their careers are left holding the bag, an empty bag at that.

If any QEA teacher is having troubles or if anybody who knows any one who is please reach out and lets try and let people know.

I wasn’t a fan of the QEA but I am less of a fan of teachers being told one thing and then them being left out in the cold.    

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  1. I saw the criteria for the performance bonuses when they were announced and just knew that something like this would happen. No way DCPS would ACTUALLY hand out that kind of cash…

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