Principals in QEA schools say, give their staff the bonuses they earned.

 Teaching in today’s blame the teacher test the kids till they drop day and age is often a frustrating and hard thing to do and it also means the little things count for so much more. Little things like having your principal stick up for you and fight for you can go such a long way.

Principals in several DTO schools, those 36 historically low performing schools that offered big bonuses for teachers either to transfer to them or stay, are becoming frustrated with the district as they believe they reneged on bonuses promised to their staffs. 

They believed when it came time for the bonuses to go out, their staff would get them as they like many teachers thought their scores were going to be compared to other DTO scores and not to the district at large which if you think about is an almost impossible metric to achieve.

I believe there would be more principals speaking out if they weren’t in such precarious positions. Superintendent Vitti in his short tenure has already made hundreds of principal moves and couple that with the districts reputation for stifling dissent and it makes principals speaking out in favor of their teachers a difficult proposition.

However at the end of the day the principals have to know that their fate also depends on the performance of their staff, and I am sure they would rather have a staff that feels supported at least by them rather than a staff that is disillusioned and feels let down by both their principals and the district.

This is a messy situation which seems like it is about to get even messier.

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  1. Things are so bad that even Terrie Brady spoke at the school board meeting. I think she only uses the time allotted to her at every board meeting about once every 3 yrs. A cookie for Terrie for doing what she's paid to do!

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