President Trump says it is time for teachers to risk their lives. (draft)

It’s amazing how the man with the most access to information is so chronically ignorant.

Today ironically as most school years are rushing to an end, Trump said it is time for schools to open.

Trump has never shown the first bit of regard for teachers or students but this is beyond the pale. See Betsy Devos who gleefully admitted she wanted to use the pandemic to push her religious school agenda. The long and short of it is this billionaire with double digit yachts whats the public to pay for more kids to go to religious private schools.

The president is saying schools should open just as they will face massive budget cuts. He has also said he doesn’t want to bail out cities and states, i.e. schools just as they will need more resources than ever before. He doesn’t have to say he doesn’t care about the safety of schools and children, something we know is true, if his actions result in them being less safe.

I have no doubt that school will start again in the fall in some fashion though some of  the CDC’s guidance makes me think they were home schooled because many will not just work.

That being said, distance learning has not worked as well as we hoped for our non motivated or for a lot of our low socioeconomically challenged students. No disrespect to them and their families meant just an acknowledgment that the obstacles are great and something will have to happen.

I guess the bottom line is we have a president with access to frequent testing and top of the line health care telling teachers with neither it’s time for you to risk their lives. He’s not looking to help or offering solutions, or you know doing anything presidential.


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