President Obama just doesn’t get it about education

He says all the time he supports teachers and wants to put a hundred thousand new ones in our schools. Well sir that’s not exactly supporting teachers. I imagine Obama thinks this would satiate the teachers unions because he thinks all they see is dollar signs at the possibility of new members but that’s just not the case and the Chicago teachers union is proving this with their push back of corporate reforms .

Teachers and their unions are waking up to Obama. We are slowly realizing how terrible he has been. First he made education into a game with winners and losers with his race to the top bullshit, joining the blame the teacher crowd forcing cash starved states to trade teachers rights for what amounts to pennies on the dollar. He then has advocated for the outsourcing of public education with his push for charter schools that research shows don’t do any better than public schools.

He does these things and he expects teachers to be grateful!?!

Mr. Obama, you are terrible for education and you are running this country education-wise into the ground.

Sadly his one saving grace is he is just a little bit better than his republican counterparts but don’t think for a second we don’t know how awful he has been, that we don’t know, he just doesn’t get it .

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