President Obama can’t help but blame schools

First I would like to say, I applaud how the President has
handled the economy. We are not where we should be but considering where we
were and the obstruction he has faced I think he has done a good job. In fact
other than the use of drones there is only one other position where I really
disagree with the President and that’s education.
When talking about the plight of some neighborhoods on the
Jay Leno show he mentioned failing schools. I have a few questions for the
Has a school ever cut a budget?
Did schools create the drill and kill testing culture that
sucks the life out of education.
Are schools responsible for crippling poverty, absentee
parents and the privatization movement that takes the resources out of schools
that can least afford to lose them?
Did schools pass the punitive and unrealistic No Child Left
Behind or the bill that turned education into a game, Race to the Top?
How were schools involved with pushing measures that have no
evidence that says they work, merit pay, or who experts say shouldn’t be used,
high stakes standardized tests?
Why are you pushing for they types of schools that you would never send your daughters to?
Finally did schools fail neighborhoods or did society fail
People might not like to admit it but the president is
closer to Jeb Bush’s Education philosophy than Diane Ravitch.

Another day, another opportunity to blame teachers.

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