Predicting Vitti’s response to school grades

School grades for elementary and middle schools are due out
today and I thought I would take a moment to predict Vitti’s remarks.
We have seen great improvement over numerous categories and
this is evidence of all the hard work that has Jacksonville headed in the right
Likely they will be mixed we’ll see some improvement here
and some decline there but he will make it sound like this is the best thing to
happen to Jacksonville since Dave and Busters came to town.
This despite the fact that he has questioned that all the
changes to school grades have made them all but irrelevant. This is called
having your cake and eating it too.
Superintendent Browning of Pasco county agrees with Vitti
about school grades and in fact has told his schools and teachers to ignore the
school grades because he dropped the “all but” part from his assessment.

The truth is in all our schools we have great things
going on and in all our schools we can do things better which really is the way
it has always been and will always be. The truth is school grades tell you more about zip codes than what is 
happening in the schools and the truth is because school grades have been used as punitive and privatization tools they have done more harm than good.

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