Polk County becomes Duval South as six administrators head that way.

Kathryn Leroy was hired to be
the superintendent of Polk County and she has taken 5 long time Duval
administrators with her. 
Jacqueline Byrd, will be deputy superintendent,
and Tony Bellamy and Kenneth Reddick will be r
egional assistant superintendents. Jaquelyn Bowen, will be the senior director of reading
and Aaron Smith will be the senior director of math. All
five will earn six figures.

Byrd, Bellamy and Reddick had been reassigned to schools
as principals before their departures. 
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4 Replies to “Polk County becomes Duval South as six administrators head that way.”

  1. You mean principal of Southside Middle or John E. Ford for half the money wasn't preferable? Were Bowen and Smith being demoted as well? Can't wait until Tuesday! Praying my principal goes to Polk County too.

  2. that is where Cathy Leroy was hired as superintendent and you see her leadership did to DCPS. Toxic and begets toxic.

  3. Amazing how these administrators continue to land on their feet with no real success to back their promotions. Truly amazing.

  4. We are sending her back. Maybe the others will follow. Fingers crossed. You can have ALL of them-associate superintendents, directors, principals. She created so many titles to give them I do not know them all.

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