Picking Condoleezza Rice to head his education foundation, Jeb Bush shows his disdain for teachers.

When deciding to think about running for president one of
the first things Jeb Bush did was to distance himself from his Education
foundation, like me he probably doesn’t think his support for common core is
going to go over so well with the base.
To replace him he has tapped former National Security
Adviser and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Not bad credentials if you are
going to run a think tank on foreign policy but where is her education
There isn’t an educator he could have went too, even a
conservative one? None?!? This is par for the course with these guys and sadly
society too. Education is the one job that the people who actuary do it are
constantly marginalized and Jeb Bush is the worst of the worst.
I also think it shouldn’t be lost on anybody that just a
couple years ago Condoleezza Rice said the state of our schools was a national
security problem, blaming our schools and teachers for society’s problems and
attempting to use this false flag narrative as a reason to overhaul public
Then on a side note, I think this should also show how far
Michelle Rhee who has been conspicuously absent in recent months has fallen. Once
the darling of the right in education circles, this would have been right up
her alley but instead she has completely fallen off the map.

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