Paula Wright, sour grapes or dead on?

First let me say I agree with Mrs. Wright that transparency is paramount. I just wish it would have been a bigger issue for her during her first two years. The public should have many unanswered questions about the sale of the Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary school, contracts to Connie Hall and how the superintendent was fired are all things that happened in the last year under her watch.

Mrs. Wright has a history of its good for the gander but it’s not good for the goose behavior so it I can’t help but think her public rebuke of the superintendent’s proposed new meeting schedule is nothing but sour grapes over the fact she wanted Kriner Cash to be our new superintendent.

Regardless the superintendent and school board should strive to be above board in all that they do which will be a refreshing change from the last administration, an administration that Mrs. Wright was part of.

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