Paula Wright shoots across Superintendent Vitti’s bow

Meanwhile, school board member Paula Wright said Tuesday she
would like a chance to revisit some of the other programs the board has
approved. At the time the decisions were made, she was not aware that positions
in the district might have to be cut, she said.
“We voted for 13 or 14 items before we really got into the
budget, and I would not have done some of those things had I known we would be
here,” she said, referring to the recent decision to reduce security
staffing.Recently, the board agreed to cut the district’s 239 security guards
by 65.
cited the board’s approval to open GRASP Academy for
225 dyslexic students at R.L. Brown and the three-year Teach For America contract to hire at 300 more TFA members over
the next three years.
“I think it’s grossly unfair that if we’re going to be reducing
all the other items that we’re reducing and leave these items over here,” she
However, Vitti said both GRASP Academy and TFA are largely
funded through money outside of the district. GRASP is funded through federal
money. The TFA contract is funded through federal and private money, however,
the district is still responsible for paying $600,000 out of its general fund.
First we pay that 600 grand to TFA in addition to their
salaries, benefits and any additional training and the district always trains
new teachers a lot more than experienced teachers. Then since the vast amount
of TFA teachers leave after two years all that money is completely wasted. We
spend more on brand new and not going to stick around TFAers than we do on 9th
year teachers. Furthermore just because some of the money sent to TFA nearly
1.7 million dollars a year doesn’t come directly from the district is irrelevant.
What are we missing out on because we choose to waste the money there?  
Back to Wright and lets forget, why didn’t she know that some
people were going to lose their jobs.
GRASP and TFA are Vitti’s two babies. These programs are
closer to his heart than any others. GRASP because of his and his families
struggles with dyslexia and TFA because um, err, hmm, Chartrand likes them
maybe and he not Vitti is the real power here in Duval. I don’t know why Vitti
has a love affair with TFA,  but his actions and defense of the group say that he
Wright has to know this so when she mentions these two
particular programs out of all the ones that she could, it is very telling.  

Problems brewing on the river.

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