Paula Wright jumps the shark, circles around and jumps the shark again

Despite the gaudy headline it really is hard to know as an observer what is happening with the school board. You can read the paper and go to the meetings but unless you are there I imagine you miss a lot. With that being said it is hard not to notice the negativity that is displayed towards superintendent Vitti by Mrs. Wright.

In the Times Union when talking about his upcoming evaluation she said, her only concern with just using the qualitative measure is that it doesn’t allow the board to hold Vitti accountable for the impact any of his personnel changes may have on academic achievement.

“There’s no accountability linked to the superintendent that made the changes,” Wright said. “So I just think we need to keep that in mind.”

Wright worried the first evaluation won’t be a true reflection of Vitti’s impact on the school system.

This sounds like sour grapes from a woman who wanted a different super and who supports the bloated patronage not ability drive administration that has weighed Duval down for years.

All I can say is for the first time in a long time teachers are optimistic about the direction of the district and most applaud Vitti’s changes. Wright especially since she voted against hiring him has very little to do with that.


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