Paula Wright calls out TFA for cheating

From the I can’t me this up file, Mrs. Wright said it had come to her attention that somebody had filled out comment cards for TFA members who weren’t there.

She asked the audience that if they weren’t there to fill out a comment card that they please not speak and most of the 33 remaining cards went unanswered..

Look there are great TFA teachers too and once you step in the classroom you deserve credit, its the program that is dreadful but I think this fast and lose playing with the comment cards really goes to show the character of the organization. Those teachers weren’t advocating for their children, they were advocating for their little club and the perks they recieve.

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    1. Hahaha, good one, however when I started teaching, I am not even sure TFA existed, it certainly didn't in Jax, but you are right, I am upset, I am upset because this absolutely terrible program exists.

    2. What teaching job do you have Katlyn and how long have you been doing it? I like to understand how valid insults are by who is throwing the shade.

  1. TFA is a cult. Half of them should've just gone into education the traditional route. The other half should've joined the Peace Corps. We don't need martyrs. We need teachers.

  2. Of course all the TU press was about how important TFA is. Sounds like someone above is all about TFA and not all about children. When you are a teacher you respect the profession and those who have dedicated their lives to the education of children. Also sounds more like a fraternity where some are allowed in and others are kept out. I am pretty sure that sounds discriminatory. The data speaks loud and clear and the speakers at the board meeting were trying to play the emotional card. Well, welcome to teaching it isn't about you.

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