Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are on the wrong side of the Chicago teacher strike

They both said they support the children and families of Chicago and not its teachers. The problem is according to the associated press most of the children and families of Chicago do support its teachers. The republican nominees for president and vice president missed a golden opportunity to support public education but instead their hatred of anything union, i.e. anything middle class blinded them. The only person who appreciates their support is Rahm Emanuel.

Where does the president stand? Nowhere apparently and that puts him on the wrong side too.

3 Replies to “Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are on the wrong side of the Chicago teacher strike”

  1. Why should there be blind faith that the CTU is representing the best interests of the children?

    The main issue that the CTU has been fighting is the change to the teacher evaluation. It is borderline insane the 96% of all teachers in CPS are Above Average/Excellent. The plan proposed by CPS was created by the teachers, but the Union disagrees with it. How can anyone take that seriously.

    The mentions of air conditioning, more counselors, arts etc… are just rhetoric to make it about children. This strike is about Keren Lewis making things personal.

  2. Sure it is boarderline insane to think 96% of teachers are above average/excellent but it is also boarderline insane to base teachers evals on standardized tests.

    As far as it being created by teachers, sure with a gun held to their head.

    Things might not be perfect but at the end of the day i will side with the union rather than Emanuel.

  3. Illinios state law requires standardized testing make up at least 30% of teacher evaluations. Nothing was done with a "gun to their head" other than a state law, which has nothing to do with the mayor
    Has the CTU offered any alternatives other than Union members review the performance of Union members? Considering that this alternative is only to address "the principal is out to get me" line of reasoning, it doesn't do anything to offer an alternative to standardized testing.

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